In early 2015 I met a couple, they were relaxed and in love. They had a toddler who was playing, circling them, cheeky and content. We began chatting and I learnt they were dressed in clothes donated to them and that their son had been operated on after falling ill sleeping on the floor of a Hungarian jail cell. I left them feeling sickened and disturbed, knowing they were being sent back into the nightmare they had risked their lives to escape. But I did nothing. 

Daniel Mulloy
My partner’s own experience as a refugee, the most personal to me, combined with the thought of the young family I had met, almost a year earlier guided ‘HOME’ at every stage.

Yet, I could not shake them from my mind. Theirs is one harrowing story among millions, as each displaced family has their own. We are  witnessing this crisis live and how we deal with it reflects who we are. The refugees that have fled into Europe, like us, are mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. They have left home, their lives devastated and now each searches desperately for safe shelter and a chance to rebuild their lives. Take away the politics and what you are left with is families who are the same as yours or mine. No one should be denied safe passage, shelter or aid.

 – Director, Daniel Mulloy